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Fine Dining in Greenville, South Carolina

Touted as an emerging food-driven city with local tourism booming and considered as a new foodie destination, Greenville offers more than just being one of the biggest cities in South Carolina. This big city is known for its beautiful main streets, side streets, outdoor parks, and the Reedy River Falls, and for the past decade, restaurants and dining spaces started to emerge.

With Greenville considered as a culinary tourist destination, top chefs started to look and turn their heads to take part in this city’s dynamic culinary scene. Wide range variety of restaurants and most renowned kitchens serving upscale dining experience, regional cuisine, international dish, or anything in between can be found here, including fine dining restaurants.   Here is a tour of some of the great restaurants in town.

Your South Carolina adventure will never be complete by visiting Greenville’s fine dining restaurants offering different meal course for your own tastes, and common staple foods, which I believe will surprise you, Pimento Cheese and deviled eggs.

Let me share to you some of the must-visit fine dining restaurants based on diners’ experience, reviews, and ambience.

Must visit fine dining resto in Greenville

If you are looking to buy wine, or drink wine may it be domestic or international of the kind, Northampton Wine Café must be in your bucket list. Northampton wine also offers classic cuisine to perfectly accompany wines. Their chefs are devoted to creating the most beautiful crafts made from freshest ingredients and skilled techniques to develop excellent taste.

For steak lovers, Ruth’s Chris is a perfect destination for you. Located along the banks of Reedy River, Ruth’s Chris is labelled as “Home of Serious Steaks” that features USDA Prime Midwestern beef that is perfectly aged to perfection.

Ruth’s Chris broils its steak at 1300 degrees and serves sizzling to offer you a juicy, delicious and hot to the last bite. They also offer signature desserts from Warm Apple Crumb Tart to Chocolate Sin Cake or Crème Brulee. There are also wines of 175 vintage selects to choose from in complimenting your meal.

Another one found at the heart of downtown Greenville is home for southern-inspired cuisine, Soby’s New South Cuisine will introduce you Greenville’s rich history using food. Soby’s focus on locally grown and seasonal ingredients for their dish and puts a modern twist on their regional dishes. They will serve you the food elegantly and excellent to give you an authentic taste.

A diversity of dining stops in Greenville not just offer three of these mentioned restaurants but more of it from casual dining to formal dining, burger joints to pizza shops, café to wine bars and more.
Tour agencies also offer dining tours to this town’s best food haven or you can try it and experience on your own.